Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fall Breakthrough

Well, it has been quite sometime since my last post; unfortunately, there is a very legitimate reason for that, which is lack of running. It is hard to write about running when you aren't doing it. Such an unfortunate dilemma. However, things are looking up. Last month, I managed to run a full beast loop every Saturday, a weekly event cherished like no other. This thanksgiving week was my second week to run multiple times in one week. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I run twenty to thirty minutes, then do barefoot strides and form work on the soccer fields. Last weekend, I had a breakthrough run, one of those rare moments where every step feels as effortless as the last. What some call a "flow state," where body and mind are united as one and anything can be accomplished. These moments are rare in sports, especially rare in running. In heavy training periods, I might experience this state once every fourteen runs, the other thirteen runs are usually just miserable. That weekend I managed to glide through a very fast time for a full beast loop. It felt great, a sensation that has long been missed. Personally, there is no better feeling than flying through the forest under my own power feeling smooth and strong and swift as a deer (an animal that I have great respect for, as I have tried to run one down many of times). It is also a good feeling to know that despite all the time off, I haven't lost much in terms of fitness. Being that it was Thanksgiving week, I felt the need to express all that I'm thankful for. We are all blessed and very fortunate to have bodies that allow us to pursue these activities that we are so endeared to. We are also very fortunate to live in a country where we have the security of pursuing our passions. No matter how grim your situation may be, it can be worse. Be thankful for what you have and don't stress over the things you can't control! Hopefully, I'll see everyone at Cajun Coyote (won't be racing) and Thunderbird (will be racing, night race)! Be thankful and happy trails!