Saturday, December 28, 2013

Training Week - Recovery (12/22-12/28)

     Well after two hard races only eight days apart, I took the week off following the Thunderbird Half. Well...I tried at least. As some of you may know that is a very difficult task for me. I also should have taken this week off but I was getting stir crazy sitting around at home all day. Plus I needed to burn off some of that holiday food! So here is the break down for the week.

Monday (12/23): 4 miles.
Ran with some members of West Feliciana High XC team who are getting ready for indoor season. Just did an easy 4 miles around park (flat and grassy). Then some strides and drills/skips (barefoot) on soccer fields.
Tuesday (12/24): 4 miles.
After dropping Maureen off at the airport; I stopped at Mary Ann Brown Nature Preserve in St.Francisville on way home and did two loops on the trail there. Its a short trail but a great one for beginners, not technical or hilly.
Wednesday (12/25): 6 miles.
After presents and breakfast, Grits and I went out for a quick run at the sports park (flat and grassy). Then core strengthening at home.
Thursday (12/26): 10 miles.
Ran four on the flat with one of the high school distance guys. Then a Beast loop with my new Ultimate Direction pack. Followed with barefoot drills, skips, and strides (barefoot).
Friday (12/27): 6 miles.
Another easy 6 miles on the flat at the sports park with Grits and a friend who accompanied us for the first two miles. Then a little bit of barefoot drills and strides. With core exercises and yoga/stretching at home.
Saturday (12/28): 12 miles.
Two loops at the Beast in the cold and rain, always a terrible combo. Grits wouldn't let me leave the house without him. I was unsure about bringing him because its been a long time since he has ran that far; however, it was cold and rainy so the chance of him overheating was minimal. Poor dog, he was wore out. Splits: 54:55 1st Loop, 52:39 2nd Loop, 1:47.35 Total. Only one fall, it hurt. UD pack worked great, its nice not having to stop at the truck to get water and the extra storage on the back was great for stowing extra clothing. 

Weekly Total: 42 miles.
Next week a return to normalcy minus speed-work. Only one more week to wait for that, I'm so excited and impatient! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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