Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Goals and Races

     Well, its that time of year again. Time to start planning goals and making resolutions for next year. Here is what I'm looking forward to next year along with a tentative race schedule.

Goals for 2014:

1. Stay Consistent
This involves training consistently and smart. (No over-training!!) Race as regularly as possible. I will be racing over a variety of distances, as taper/recover weeks for longer races takes away from my preparation for bigger races. Plus I want to get faster and run well at the US Mountain Qualifiers.

2. Get Faster, break 10 min for two miles
This is something I never accomplished in high school and I feel I need to be able to consistently do if I want to compete at a national level.

3. Higher Mileage Weeks
At Cajun, I was starting to fall apart after mile 16. Higher mileage weeks will increase my strength, stamina, and speed in these longer races. After Cajun, I feel I can be really competitive at a trail marathon and this may be my best distance. I was hoping to be running 80 mile weeks regularly by Feb but being so injury prone I should take it slow, making it there by May and June is more realistic.

4. Get Competitive Nationally
As long as I stay strong with the first three this one should happen. It will require persistence and funding, of course. 

5. Get More Sleep
This may be the most difficult but is the most necessary. I need to focus on getting at least nine hours of solid sleep when training heavy. My body will need the recovery time. 

6. Better Balance
Not physical balance but more of a life balance. This means better balancing the amount of time spent on: running, school, work, relationship, and family life. Hopefully this will lead to a less stressful life.

Anyway, there are the major ones. I try to be realistic but never limit myself. I hope everyone succeeds in reaching their own goals and if you don't, remember persistence pays off in the end so keep trying!
The following is a very tentative race schedule, (*) indicates I will be competing in a particular event depending on how well I run at an earlier event and (**) indicates training focused events meaning I will be specifically training for these.

(1/25) Forge Dirty Soles 10k
(3/22) Forge Equinox 50k
(3/29) Forge Headhunter 10k
(5/24) Forge Hell's Hills (10k or Half, haven't decided)
(6/13-15) Chattanooga 3 Day Stage Race 60mi
(7/6) US Mountain Running Championships and Team Qualifier, New Hampshire (**)
(8/23) US Trail 10k National Championships, Laurel Springs, NC
(9/21) US Trail 50k National Championships, Bend, Oregon (* Depends on Equinox performance)
(10/18) US Trail Half Marathon National Championships, Lake Padden, WA (**)
(11/1) US Trail Marathon National Championships, Moab, UT (**)
(12/6) Cajun Coyote 20 miler or 100k
(12/13-14) Forge Thunderbird (10k or Half)

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