Monday, January 6, 2014

Training Week (12/29-1/4)

Well the week started off just fine. Then on Monday I got some new shoes and things went down hill from there. I was so excited about running in them immediately I didn't take the time to break them in so about 5 miles in my blisters from the Thunderbird Half, a few weeks ago, decided to start hurting again. I thought they had fully healed as I took a full week off after the race and last week I had no problems for them, my only thought is that the new shoes were too stiff. So instead of running ten miles on Monday, I only ran five. I was also really looking forward to running Chicot this weekend, which I did but full of pain from the blister on my heel. I taped it enough to make it through sixteen miles but afterwards it looked rough and HURT! Well I managed to get my miles in for the week but I may take a few days off from wearing shoes if possible and just get on the stationary bike to mimic some of my running workouts because I need this thing to heal quickly.

Sunday (12/29): 5 miles.
Easy 5 miles with Grits at the sports park on grass. Followed with Barefoot strides and form drills. Then core strengthening and balance board work at home.
Monday (12/30): ~5 miles.
Cut short due to blisters.
Tuesday (12/31):  Day off
Wednesday (1/01): 14 miles.
Two Beast loops in the AM with the Forge Ales n Trails group. Then another two miles on the flat. Originally was supposed to run ten on Monday and ten today, so I had some miles to make up. Total time: 2:00.38, Break down: 1st Loop 53:14, 2nd Loop 52:18, (1:45.32 for 2 loops), and 2 miles on flat in 15:05. Good start to the new year.
Thursday (1/02): 5 miles.
Easy five on the flat grass at sports park. Then barefoot strides and form drills, with core strengthening and balance board work at home.
Friday (1/03): 5 miles.
An enjoyable five miles on Chicot trails, around 7 minute/mile pace.
Saturday (1/04): 16-17 miles.
Other than dealing with pain from my blisters on my heel this was a great run. I have a lot of respect for Chicot, this run kind of made me wonder how I managed high 6s for 20 miles out here. I ran the trail in reverse from trail head and started counting mileage at mile marker 19 then ran to 11 and turned around. Went out in 1:05, then returned in 1:00. Allowed myself a little fun on the return running low 6s for the first 4 miles.

Weekly Total: 50-51 miles.
Other than dealing with blisters for the past few weeks, this felt like a great start to the year. I will take the time I need to allow them to heal and deal with them properly to prevent more from occurring. It takes a lot for me to sacrifice a workout but sometimes you have to step back and realize that continued running may only worsen the problem. Normally I would run through any injury like this one but I have been dealing with this same blister since the end of November, I ran through it during Cajun and just made it worse at Thunderbird, I don't want to deal with it through all of 2014.

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