Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rough Training Week (01/05-01/11)

Well, this week wasn't the best, after last weekend's long run at Chicot State park the blister on my heel was so bad I couldn't even wear shoes. So, I decided to take some days off from running to let it heal. Running is what I love to do so when I can't do it, I get quite cranky. Just ask Maureen. However, sometimes we have to make difficult choices and it just isn't worth the risk of making your injury worse just to reach some arbitrary weekly mileage goal. So the story of the week was the stationary bike and lots of movies that I have watched a million times. I made a doctor's visit on Tuesday as my blister was turning some unsatisfactory colors and taking a long time to heal. Apparently, I was risking an infection of my Achilles tendon, not good! After some antibiotic cream and no shoes for a week, I'm now back in action. Anyway, I tried to mimic my running workouts on the stationary bike. The goal wasn't mileage but duration and intensity of exercise. Duration and intensity are really the only two characteristics that you can use to equate the different disciplines.

Sunday (01/05): 1:00 hour
Monday (01/06): Total time 1:20 hour, 20 min warm up, 15 X 1:20 min (all out effort) with increasing resistance and pace every 5 reps and 1:00 min rest (reduced effort) in between reps, and 20 min warm down. Core exercising and strengthening.
Tuesday (01/07): Day off.
Wednesday (01/08): Total time 1:20 hour, 20 min warm up, 40 min Tempo with increasing resistance and pace every 10 minutes, 20 min warm down.
Thursday (01/09): 1:00 hour, Barefoot drills and barefoot strides at sports park.
Friday (01/10): Day off.
Saturday (01/11): 2:20 hour, moderate pace, thank you Lord of the Rings! Still boring though!

Weekly Total: 7:00 hours of cycling
Not quite as much time as I spend running on a normal week but pretty close. I don't think I lost much fitness if at all. All ready got one run in this weekend so it looks like things are getting back to normal consistency.

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